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The Skin

Erna Lizardo- Abraham, M.D., FPDS

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Dr. Erna Lizardo- Abraham   is  a   DIPLOMATE  & FELLOW of   The  Philippine  Dermatological  Society.  She  finished her   DERMATOLOGY  training at   the  Makati Medical Center,  Amorsolo St., Makati City,  Philippines.    The  Makati Medical  Center  residency is  one of  the  6 training institutions   accredited  by  the  Philippine Dermatological  Society.    

 Dr  Erna L. Abraham   won FIRST  PLACE  during  the  Annual  Inter-Departmental  Research Paper Reading Contest  at  Makati  Medical Center  and  THIRD  PLACE   during the Annual  Inter-Hospital  Research Paper Reading Contest  of  the  Philippine Dermatological  Society.  


She finished  her  DOCTOR OF MEDICINE   from the University of Santo Tomas Faculty of Medicine & Surgery  then took  her  medical internship at the  Veterans Memorial Medical Center.  After  passing the Physician Licensure Examination,  she then  went into the field of  Dermatology. 


Presently,   she    is practicing Dermatology   in    Quezon City, Marikina City  and  Makati City. She is also an Affiliate


Consultant  at  Quezon City General Hospital. 

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